Scott Walker, Pundit, Offers His Take on Hillary…in 1999

Before he was Governor Walker…

Before he was County Executive Walker…

As he was State Representative Scott Walker, he was also pundit Scott Walker.  While some know-it-alls in Wisconsin political circles underestimated him and blew Scott Walker off as a legislative back bencher in the 90s, I and many others saw something different. He was a policy wonk who possessed an inherent media savvy. His reach extended beyond the mainstream media, even beyond the conservative talk circuit. While it is well known that he was a regular panelist on Charlie Sykes and Mark Belling’s radio and weekly television shows, Walker didn’t limit himself to AM talkers.

In this just-uncovered clip from 1999, then State Rep. Scott Walker (R-Wauwatosa) calls into Bob and Brian’s top-rated Milwaukee morning show on Lazer 103 FM. The topic: Hillary Clinton. Click here for the extended, six minute clip (Courtesy of Bob and Brian World).

Given their possible electoral confrontation in 2016, this is an interesting snippet that shows Walker the free-wheeling pundit in action. He comments not only on Hillary Clinton, but Jessie Ventura, Bill Weld and more. It’s full of red meat for the base and is indicative of the approachable style Walker continues to display on the stump (often to the chagrin of his staff, no doubt).

Hell, he even has the obligatory mention of his mother’s chocolate chip cookies.

It’s not schtick, though. As I’ve noted for years. What you see with Walker is genuine.