Rep. August: On GOP tax cut

MADISON… Assembly Majority Leader Tyler August (R-Lake Geneva) released the following statement on the GOP plan to reduce taxes in Wisconsin: 

“Now that the state budget has been finalized and our priorities have been funded, the focus will be on what to do with the billions in surplus that still remain.

Our current surplus is the result of the taxpayers paying too much, rather than the government spending too little.  Our goal is to get the surplus out of Madison and back into the pockets of its rightful owners: the taxpayers.

Republicans have put forth a plan to return the billions in the form of a middle class income tax cut paired with a tax-free retirement.  The average taxpayer is expected to see a reduction of $772 in taxes.  Further, we’ve included a constitutional amendment that would make it harder for the legislature to raise taxes.

This fall, our top priority will be getting the money back to families and seniors before big government liberals and special interests can spend it on new, unnecessary government programs.”