Rep. Plumer: Announces plan to return surplus to taxpayers 

MADISON, WI – Rep. Plumer and his Republican colleagues in the Legislature announced  plans to return Wisconsin’s surplus back to taxpayers and amend the state constitution to protect  taxpayers in the future: 

“The middle-class tax relief plan we announced this morning provides the average filer over  $770 in savings, eliminates taxes on retirement income sources for seniors, and amends our  constitution to require a 2/3 super-majority vote to raise taxes in the future. 

”With an historic budget surplus this session our goal in the Legislature was to invest in our  priorities like education, mental health, roads, workforce development, and provide significant  tax relief to Wisconsin’s middle-class. We accomplished our goal. That’s why it was so  disappointing to see Governor Evers gut the middle-class tax cut and then mislead taxpayers about the details of his veto over the summer. 

“Despite the Governor’s harmful budget veto, we are continuing our fight for taxpayers and I am  proud to introduce this tax-relief package today. It will help the middle class, let seniors who are  living on fixed incomes keep more of their money, and protect future generations.