Brian Fraley

The 9er – Episode 53 – 08.20.18

It’s our last 9er for a couple of weeks because Dan is on vacation next week, and Brian is being uncharacteristically decent giving the office the day off for Labor Day. In this episode, we learn chat about “The mom uniform”, new changes (that you won’t like) coming to Netflix, mini-horses on planes, and Brian’s new…

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The 9er – Episode 51 – 07.30.18

It’s Episode 51 of The 9er with Dan, Lisa, and Brian. Stupid social media idiots FORCE us to defend Cub fans, Planet Fitness LIES, and Lisa tells us about “Menstrual Equality laws”. Those, plus 6 more topics and that makes the 9er. You think you hate it now… just wait ’till you hear it! Check…

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The 9er – Episode 50 – 07.23.18

It’s Episode 50 of The 9er!! Today, Lisa tells us about the time she punched a guy in the face.  Dan has a seemingly unwarranted hatred of people that use chopsticks in an Asian restaurant.  Brian has never been to EAA.  And the gang discuss Josh Hader’s tweets.  Those, plus four more topics on today’s…

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