Walker Derangement Syndrome and the New York Times

The New York Times is really stretching here, trying to advance the narrative that Scott Walker has undergone a retooling.

 The classic Upper Midwest accent — nasal and full of flat a’s — is one of several Walker trademarks to have fallen away this month after an intense period of strategizing and coaching designed to help Mr. Walker capitalize on his popularity in early polls and show that he is not some provincial politician out of his depth.

The only difference I noticed is that his sinuses may have been more congested in one or two of the clips than in the others. Newsflash, the Governor has allergies!!! But even with that, I didn’t notice a stark difference did you?

And of course he is going to tailor the subject matter to the group before whom he’s appearing. That’s not some sort of makeover. That’s just common sense.

This NYT post smacks of the classic East Coast media snobbery that people from “Flyover Country” are used to — regardless of our political persuasion.