Half Hour Happy Hour

Charlie Sykes is this week’s guest on the Half Hour Happy Hour

27 Mar , 2015  

This was a refreshing change of pace. On this week’s episode of the Half Hour Happy Hour, I put Charlie Sykes in the interview hot seat. He sounds off on the Walker for President operation, the sleepy state of the State Supreme Court race, the reporting decisions of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and more. He looks back on his 22 years as host of Midday with Charlie Sykes on AM 620 WTMJ in Milwaukee and he gives a glimpse into his upcoming new book.

I asked him how long he planned on continuing his radio show. Watch the show to see his surprising answer and catch my weekly rundown of current events with Nik Nelson.

The Dailytakes Half Hour Happy Hour is a weekly, web-based show that is a cocktail of public affairs, politics and more. Each week’s episode includes a newsmaker interview, followed by a fast-paced look at current events.  If you have a suggestions for future guests, let us know in the comments section, below.

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