It IS a Binary Choice

It is true. For Wisconsin Republicans, this fall presents a binary choice.

I choose the party of Paul Ryan over the cult of Donald Trump.

Trump can’t win here. He only came to Green Bay to thumb his nose at Paul Ryan. It’s a sign of an insecure person. A bully.

Meanwhile, I spent the weekend in Ohio. Clearly, Trump’s grip on that state is in jeopardy. But he’s 7 points down here. Smart campaign, one driven by facts, not emotions, would focus attention on OH, NC and FL not Wisconsin. But then he wouldn’t get to feel good by having some goons chant ‘Paul Ryan sucks’ in Wisconsin. (Irony alert: If you go to a GOP election rally in Wisconsin and chant that towards the most popular Republican elected official in the state, it is YOU who is the actual RINO).

Lest you think this is Monday Morning quarterbacking, I made this prediction last week, before the Green Bay rally.

So, Trump comes to Wisconsin and makes no mention of Ron Johnson, whose race against Russ Feingold is the closest US Senate race in the nation.

But somehow, #NeverTrump folks like me are pegged as the disloyal ones?

Give me a break.

Anyway, I’m not voting for Trump but I won’t assist him in his efforts to burn down the conservative movement here. Regardless of for whom you vote for President in November, I’m encouraging you to vote for Ron Johnson for US Senate. Furthermore, I’ll work with Republicans in 2017 and beyond for common sense reforms. Big races are coming up. I’m not going to let a disgraced Clinton donor blow up what’s working here.

Trump is a bully. I hope he is also only a blip.

My binary choice: I choose the party of Paul Ryan over the cult of Donald Trump.