Senator Ron Johnson was doing this, and you had no idea

United States Senator Ron Johnson was doing this and you had no idea.

No, it’s not some tawdry personal indiscretion. Rather, he’s helping Project Joseph make progress on closing the skills gap here in Wisconsin. Employers have needs for a skilled workforce and he’s helping real individuals get the training required to meet those needs.

The Senator recently posted this update on his Facebook page:

A manufacturer and small businessman at heart, Johnson has been quietly undertaking this effort for some time. It’s good that it’s finally being recognized. We need more efforts like this.

One thought on “Senator Ron Johnson was doing this, and you had no idea

  1. Manufacturing job are not the same they once were. Until foreign FAIR trade legislation banning the sale of good and services with countries that abide by pollution human rights and labor standards, not to mention maintain a union presence in their markets of at least 30% tis effort is like pouring a fine wine down the toilet, and those issues are thing Sen
    Johnson does not seam to get.

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