The 9er – Episode 51 – 07.30.18

30 Jul , 2018  

It’s Episode 51 of The 9er with Dan, Lisa, and Brian. Stupid social media idiots FORCE us to defend Cub fans, Planet Fitness LIES, and Lisa tells us about “Menstrual Equality laws”. Those, plus 6 more topics and that makes the 9er. You think you hate it now… just wait ’till you hear it!

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The 9er – Episode 50 – 07.23.18

23 Jul , 2018  

It’s Episode 50 of The 9er!!

Today, Lisa tells us about the time she punched a guy in the face.  Dan has a seemingly unwarranted hatred of people that use chopsticks in an Asian restaurant.  Brian has never been to EAA.  And the gang discuss Josh Hader’s tweets.  Those, plus four more topics on today’s 9er.

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What we learned from the July Marquette University Law School Poll?

18 Jul , 2018  

Dan Deibert and I discuss the findings from the latest Marquette University Law School Poll, which were released this afternoon.



Here are the top-line numbers. The cross tabs can be found here.

This will be the last poll before the primary, which is less than 4 weeks away (August 14).



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The 9er – Episode 48 – 07.09.18

9 Jul , 2018  

Dan, Brian, and Lisa “discuss” 9 topics from the past week. Including George Webb Waitresses packing heat, California actually passing a decent law for a change, and Brian tells us how Jesus has been snubbed. (This is NOT a religious topic, btw)

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The 9er – Episode 47 – 07.02.18

2 Jul , 2018  

France! Australia! Spain! Columbia County, Wisconsin! It’s the international topics edition of The 9er!

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