My Electoral College Predictions

Donald Trump’s rallies have been impressive. Hillary Clinton can’t draw flies.

Clinton is limping to the finish line, and there appears to be a Trump surge.

So, where are we headed?

I detail my predictions, here:

Here is a look at my Electoral College map (Courtesy of


And here are the best and worst case scenario for the GOP nominee, in my opinion.




So, I’ve made my predictions. Share yours. What did I get right? What did I get wrong?

Have any intel from a cousin in Oklahoma or an old college roomie in Maryland? Comment, below.

4 thoughts on “My Electoral College Predictions

  1. I can only say not much passion among my millenial students – aside from angry Bernie supporters. Note: that is really different from the last three presidential elections when one had to be careful to avoid starting a fight.

  2. Clinton wins by 4 million votes, and 272 electoral votes. this whole system needs to be one person one vote, the electoral votes are a thing of the past and need to go.

    1. The electoral college provides potential relevancy to those of us in flyover country. Without it, candidates would largely ignore us.

  3. I honestly believe that Clinton will win.
    I do think she will carry NV and Az ( where I live).
    Fl is a toss up, but I think she will prevail their too.

    One important thing about Az is that the national polls have been saying for a few weeks that Trump has a 4-5 point lead, but that has never been what we have heard locally (as late as yesterday). Locally it has consistently been reported that she has from the beginning had a 3 point lead. The other thing we have in Az are a large number for Latino and Native American voters who are coming out in droves. I think this election is going to be more about not that you love Hillary Clinton (although many do), but more, the fear of a Trump Presidency. I think it’s going to be not so much a referendum for her, but one against him.

    The other thing Hillary has going for her is the female vote, and here’s what I mean. Like her or not, given the vitriol and distrust of Donald Trump’s sexism and misogyny, and the fact that we have never had a female President, I believe the majority of women when they go into the voting booth with feel the historical moment for our gender, even women who claim they are undecided. I already voted and I really was choked up voting . Unless you are a minority, I don’t think you can truly “feel the moment,” the historical weight that your vote is making history and that you are helping the female cause.

    I also think there are some Republican crossovers who will help her win. I think the whole Comey debacle wounded her but not enough to make her lose. I think it might, unfortunately for the Dems, have more effects on the down ballot. We’ll have to see.

    I actually think Trump is making an error continuing to talk about rigged elections bc It could keep some of his supporters home rather than embolden them. I mean if the election is rigged and their votes aren’t going to count anyway, why bother?

    I also, agree with the comment or above that the electoral college is antiquated and no longer necessary imo, so I would like to see it gone.

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