Hutton Prevails

The victory over the prevailing wage mandates is a big deal.

Rep Rob Hutton joins us to discuss the final outcome of his long and difficult fight.

Here’s the press release his office issued this morning:

MADISON – Today, Representative Rob Hutton released the following statement following the Legislature’s passage of the biennial state budget.

“For months, my colleagues and I have been fighting on behalf of Wisconsin’s taxpayers for the complete repeal of Wisconsin’s archaic prevailing wage law.  This 80-year-old law puts special interests in front of local taxpayers by artificially inflating the cost of government-related capital projects.   I am very pleased the Republican Legislature took a historic vote for a state budget that includes a repeal for prevailing wage for all local units of government.   While not a statewide repeal, this legislation will provide significant savings for school districts and municipalities, will open the door for more Wisconsin small businesses to compete for projects, and ultimately will save hardworking taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars annually.”

“This legislation also removes the state of Wisconsin from administering prevailing wage law, resulting in an additional savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars of annually.  I look forward to documenting future savings from this landmark legislation and building momentum for a statewide repeal in the near future.”

“Along with prevailing wage reform, Legislative Republicans passed a budget that once again puts Wisconsin taxpayers first while maintaining our sound fiscal responsibility.  We continue to lead in setting the right priorities for Wisconsin’s future by streamlining government, freezing property taxes, improving access to quality education, and protecting our seniors.”

“Just like every family budget, we are also making prudent financial decisions for our future.  This budget reduces the amount we borrow while wisely investing in needed infrastructure critical to growing our economy across the state.”

“I want to thank all of my constituents who contacted me to discuss this budget.  I trust much of this legislation is reflective of their thoughts, ideas, and concerns.  I’m proud to support a budget that is good for Wisconsin families and good for Wisconsin’s future.”